Recycling Services

A crew composed of vocational skills training program participants and ADDWC staff, operates routes to various businesses in Eureka and the surrounding areas.  These routes run daily, collecting recyclable materials for processing at 200 Moody St. in Eureka.    ADDWC also monitors 24 hour drop off trailers in El Paso, Goodfield, Washburn and Minonk as well as the 24 hour drop off point at our Moody facility in Eureka. 

Acceptable Items:

Newspaper/Office Paper   

Magazines, Phone Books, Mail, Hard/Soft Books                    Aluminum Cans Only

Corrugated Cardboard & Chipboard

Tin Cans        

Plastic Food Grade Containers #1-#7

Used Motor Oil (Moody Location Only)

NOTE: Please flatten all cardboard and chipboard

The only plastic we are able to accept are food, drink and laundry containers.



Unacceptable Items:

​​Shrink-wrap & Plastic Grocery Bags

Aluminum or Plastic Siding

Kleenex, Napkings or Paper Towels

Aluminum Foil or Food Wrappers

Black Carbon Paper            

Motor Oil or Steel Paint Containers