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Community Living

ADDWC offers a variety of residential services which promote independent living and are based upon an individual's needs.  Twenty-four supports are offerered in a small, group home setting (4-8 individuals).  For those who wish to remain in their home, staff can provide intermittent supports including assistance with banking, shopping, community access and daily living skills.  All residential services are funded through the Department of Human Services.

Community Day Services

Vocational Skills Training

ADDWC provides training programs that teach employable skills through group instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on learning.  Individuals are given the opportunity to utilize their abilities through our community recycling program. Individuals are trained in various aspects of the recylcing process and learn valuable skills while providing a service that benefits the environment and the community.

Life Skills Training

The Life Skills program teaches functional skills in both small group and one-on-one environments.  Individuals are given the opportunity for growth in personal care, adult living skills, recreational and leisure experiences, financial managements, artistic expression and social proficiency. 

                  OUR MISSION

"To improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families of Woodford County and the surrounding areas."

Referrals from Individual Service Coordinators for potential placement in CILA or CDS can be sent to or faxed to 309-467-5206.

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