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Rob McIntosh-Chairman

Tom Pruitt-Vice Chairman


Jan Megan-Treasurer

Chrissy Zehr-Secretary

Gene Jones

Rosie Alig

Kerri McCune​

Brenda Bill

Mike Risen

Liz Hayes



The Association for the Developmentally Disabled of Woodford County is a small, non-profit agency providing quality, person-centered, individualized services for adults with intellectual disabilities.  We offer community living options, vocational and life skills programs as well as advocacy for residents of Central Illinois.


Tyler Rogers                               


Roger Crow                                  

Senior CDS Director

Misty Smith                                

Residential Director

Jarret Witmer                            

Director of Case Management/

Quality Improvement

Amanda McGarvey               

Assistant CDS Director

Faith Wagner                            

CDS Coordinator                 

Lexi Barnes                                

Residential Coordinator                 

Thomas Ct. CILA

Jake Vahle                                    

Residential Coordinator                       

Court CILA

Meagan Lulay                              

Residential Coordinator

Parkview CILA


Cindy McClallen                     

Registered Nurse

Tammy Punke                              

Medical Coordinator

Rachel Groth                                  

Office Manager

Tim Smith                                     

Maintenance Coordinator   


Referrals from Individual Service Coordinators for potential placement in CILA or CDS can be sent to or faxed to 309-467-5206.




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